Become A Premiere Club Member

Our wine club is different, we only require that you buy 4 bottles a year and you choose which wine you want - we do not choose for you.  But the best part is the parties!  Our wine club members get to attend our parties and events for free.  Non-members pay a $25 guest fee.

  • Our release parties are held in our backyard in the middle of the vineyard.  It is a spectacular venue and extremely popular.  All our Mia Nipote vintages are available along with great food and live music.  It is our way of saying thank you to our wonderful club members.  Come to the party and make some new local friends.
  • Wine club members can schedule private tastings at our home in the vineyard in Pleasanton.  Bring 8 to 20 people and we'll provide plenty of Mia Nipote and snacks. These smaller events are lots of fun for us as we get a chance to interact more personally and tell all the stories about the vineyard and the wine.

There is no cost to join the wine club; your VISA, MasterCard, American Express or Discover card will be billed only for your wine allocation, tax, and shipping, if applicable.


List Prices

2012 Mia Nipote Reserve Cabernet $43

2013 Mia Nipote Reserve Cabernet $50

2014 Mia Nipote Reserve Cabernet $50

2015 Mia Nipote Reserve Cabernet $50

2017 Mia Nipote Reserve Sauvignon Blanc $24


Club Member Price

Mia Nipote club members save 10% on 1-11 bottles and 15% on 12 or more bottles. Click here to view estimated shipping costs.


Wine Club Release Party

Recent Release Party. Come join us!



Vineyard News and Updates

While the devastating drought continues, we are fortunate that our vineyard is irrigated from wells that have been on the property from the beginning.



New Release Available Now!

Our 2013 Cabernet Sauvignon is available now.  We launched it at our Release Party in June and it is our most successful launch to date!  Generally our older vintages benefit from the additional aging and tend to be more popular.  The 2013 is the exception.  At our most recent Wine Club party in October, it was the biggest seller.