Our History is Our Family

Mia Nipote (Italian for “my granddaughter”) is a loving tribute to my grandfather, Marino Enrico Lencioni. As a child, I was steeped in a culture of family, food, wine and togetherness—values I hold dear to this day.


Born in Lucca, Italy, my grandfather migrated to America in 1921, meeting his wife in Wisconsin and eventually settling in Waukegan, Illinois. There, he raised my father, and served as patriarch when we, the grandkids, were born. Because he lived next door to us, my grandfather was an integral part of our childhood. On holidays, he was the chef, making his special ravioli with homemade Bolognese sauce. The wine flowed, the laughter rang and long days were spent playing classic card games from the old country. It is with these memories in mind that we introduce Mia Nipote and invite you to celebrate with us.


Experience a taste of our Lencioni family traditions: Order a bottle of Mia Nipote, recreate Marino’s ravioli recipe and learn to play a classic Italian card game, like Briscola, Tressette, Scopa.

Happy Birthday 1963 Family Picnic 1956
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